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All over the UK, and in 22 other countries around the world, people of all ages and physical fitness meet at 9 am every Saturday morning to walk, jog or run round a 5 kilometre (3 miles) course in their local park. This group has been formed to support and encourage Mill Hill u3a members who would like to take part in this remarkable movement. Read all about parkrun at the website where you will see that this is an activity in which all can join.

We started to participate, as a group, in early 2020 but didn’t get very far before COVID-19 restrictions put a stop to parkrun meetings worldwide, In July 2021 parkrun restarted in the UK, in the open air naturally, and with all reasonable social-distancing and other anti-COVID precautions in place. In just a few weeks the members of Mill Hill u3a have become a recognised element among the regular participants in the Sunny Hill parkrun in Hendon.

If you would like to join us, contact one of the Group Leaders and we will be happy to tell you all about parkrun and answer any questions.


Group Leader

Victor Brilliant; Zubi Metlo;

Every Saturday morning at ten minutes before 9 am we join a local parkrun event to walk, jog or run a 5 km. course.
Sunny Hill Park in Hendon, at the cross-paths just a hundred metres up from the café.

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