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Your Mill Hill U3A Theatre Group Committee is pleased to offer new shows as they become available.

All Theatre production offers will be emailed to every Member as they become available, but please bear in mind that we only have a short window of opportunity before our payment deadlines, no matter how far ahead any performance may be.

So prompt responses guarantees the tickets you require!
All the information below is regularly updated, so please always refer to the latest version.

Please read How to Book carefully, we rely on you to follow the instructions to help us, so that we can help you!
The FAQ Sheet has been prepared specifically to address many of the previously raised concerns & queries, so please read this first before you email us, as you should find that we have already addressed the issue.
Generally we book shows in batches, as new productions seem to be seasonal. Please don’t forget to scroll down, there are usually several shows to choose from, to suit all tastes. We book straight plays, & popular & new Musicals, and anything in-between that looks promising, has had good reviews, or is a much anticipated new production. We are also always open to your suggestions.
Our booking policy is to obtain best priced Stall Seats for maximum group discounts, unless otherwise stated.

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There are none, all contact is by email

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Theatre Outings Committee

You can contact the Committee by email only on

With total apologies ~ we do not run an office and therefore cannot accept phone calls, as all the committee members work entirely voluntary whenever they are able. However all emails are always answered.

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February 2018


Current Offers


If no current offers are showing this means that all performances previously or recently offered are closed.

New seasons bookings will be advertised here when organised.

If any spare seats become available all Members are notified.

We do not have a waiting list facility.


Please click the button below to see the list of previously organised performances


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