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The Theatre Group is not as group as such, we are open to all Members, so you do not need to register your interest. We always offer tickets for current & future West End Theatre productions by mass email to ALL Members, whenever these are available and organised.
Please always read these emails for information, and don’t forget to OPEN, read AND scroll down ALL the Attachments as the information in them will offer all the information needed to book, and also generally answer all questions, saving much unnecessary emailing.

You can purchase tickets both by on-line banking, and also if there sufficient time, by cheque at the following Monthly Meeting at Hartley Hall or at any monthly MOTO Meeting if you also belong to this Group. Tickets are generally expected to be collected at the Monthly Meetings, as soon as you are notified that they have been issued.

However, please be aware we are only allowed a very short window in which to reserve, advertise, and organise payment for each show, so all offers need extremely prompt attention to ensure you see the shows you want, as our prices are cheapest available anywhere …..with the sole exception of minimal offers to see a show either tonight or the next night! No-one competes with these….!

Please look out for our emails ~ and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Theatre visits in the future.

MH U3A Theatre Group Committee

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There are none, all contact is by email

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Theatre Outings Committee

You can contact the Committee by email only on

With total apologies ~ we do not run an office and therefore cannot accept phone calls, as all the committee members work entirely voluntary whenever they are able. However all emails are always answered.

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