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Introductory "Drop-in" session on Wed 6 September at the Three Hammers. Drop in at any time in the afternoon (2.00pm till 4.00) for an informal chat about the Philosophy and/or the Science. What's the approach, what kind of detail will we be covering? Is it really for me? The ideas, the great men, the history, the discoveries - l really want to know about all that (or do l)? Oh, and who else is planning to come along? Yes, it will be a chance to meet fellow students too, over a cup of tea - being U3A, naturally there will be a strong social dimension.


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Next Meetings: Feb 28; March 28; April 25; May 23; June 27; July 25.

All meetings: 2.00pm to 4:00pm at the Three Hammers pub, NW7 4EA on the Ridgeway

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Gary Chamberlin

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