Reviews and Comments

Monthly Meeting
20th July 2017

The Tonic Choirs

As a member of the Committee I was not in favour of booking Philip Barnett as the speaker for our July meeting. Had we been talking about booking a choir to sing to us I would have been in favour, but just to have someone talk about his choir? To me that sounded really boring (except perhaps to existing choristers) so I voted against it, but I was outvoted.


How wrong I was! Other people may also have been put off by the subject, because we had less than a hundred at the meeting – our lowest so far – but Philip was one of our best speakers to date. He was fluent without notes, enthusiastic and hugely amusing – a real entertainer. I got so keen that I am almost thinking of joining one of his choirs


Picking our speakers, without having the opportunity to hear them speak first, is a really tricky job, but I think that June and her team deserve congratulations for having done so well so far.