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The Theatre Group is, and was, not a group you need to join as such, the entire Membership was emailed whenever theatre productions were organised and was open to any Member who wishes to purchase a ticket, for themselves, or with other Members of our U3A. It was not available to non-Members.

Since inception many shows were hugely enjoyed by our theatre enthusiasts, ranging from the latest musicals, straight plays or any theatre production which inspired enough support to obtain the considerably favourable group discount cost.

We generally booked one or two shows a month, as they became available, although this could vary throughout each season.

Our latt season had been booked through to July 2020 and was completely sold out. Sadly the last few shows had to be refunded due to the current global situation, and it is now impossible to predict if, when, or how our Theatre Group can continue, much less put ourselves into another refunding situation.

Many theatres may now not be viable, or will close on a permanent basis, and others which are trying to open between the Lockdowns & Tiers “see-saw” are insisted on taking temperatures, and forced to operate at half or less capacity.

Not only does this mean that discounted tickets are out of the question for them to offer, but also for a U3A age group, most will not wish to travel on public transport, and with a punishing rise in the congestion charge, driving is not an attractive alternative.   Not to mention no-one wants to risk anyone not in their bubble in their car!

So many of our U3A Theatre enthusiasts are also MOTO Members, (i.e. Members On Their Own)  and loved the U3A Theatre Group precisely because there were always lots of other Members to travel & sit with, with nicely discounted tickets as the added bonus.  Those with partners simply loved the good seats & the discounts!

It therefore greatly saddens us to state that unless and until all the above reverts to whatever is a “new normal” and we can offer Members at least some, if not all, of the benefits we were able to previously, it is now all but impossible to organise theatre outings for the foreseeable future.

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