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The Theatre Group is not a group you need to join, as such, the entire Membership is emailed whenever theatre productions are organised and is open to any Member who wishes to purchase a ticket, for themselves, or with other Members of our U3A. It is not available to non-Members.

Since inception over 60 shows have been booked, ranging from the latest musicals, straight plays or any theatre production which inspires enough support to obtain the considerably favourable group discount cost.

We generally book one or two shows a month, as they become available, although this can vary throughout each season.

Our latest season has been booked through to July 2020 and is now completely sold out. However, if tickets become available due to Member(s) being unable to attend, spare tickets are advertised to all, often for an even greater discount, on a first applied, first served basis.

When shows are advertised they are always accompanied by information attachments: a list of the Season’s shows, together with additional information for Members’ benefit such as “How to Book”, and a “FAQ Sheet” both detailing vital information on how our Theatre Group operates.

This information does change regularly, according to circumstances, so Members are encouraged & requested to read all attachments, to remain up-to-date and aware of any/all issues, before booking. Prompt responses to offers are advised, as only a reasonable allocation is reserved for each show.

We are delighted to report that our Theatre Group enjoys much loyal support, and receives a great deal of appreciation, which our very small committee equally appreciate. Due to the sheer volume of work this entails we take long breaks between each season, however, as soon as new productions are able to be organised, every Member will be emailed with full details.

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Val Levene

As advertised by email to all Members when appropriate.
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