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The Theatre Group is not a group you ever need to join as such, as the entire Membership will be emailed whenever theatre productions are organised,  and tickets are offered to any Member who wishes to purchase a ticket, for themselves, or with other Members of our U3A.  Please Note: Tickets cannot be purchased for non-MH u3a Members.

We very much regret that our much-appreciated Theatre Group currently remains closed for the foreseeable future, until life becomes much more stable again, and “testing positive ” or train strikes, etc. etc.  are not on the horizon, much less a frequent occurrence.

We are sure that our members fully appreciate that we did not take the decision to suspend the group lightly, but our lockdown experiences refunding, rebooking, and reallocating seats that had to be cancelled by circumstances outside our control, is not something that can be easily undertaken.

We are sure we will be able to resume “normal service” as soon as it truly possible to do so, as we miss it too!.


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Val Levene

Currently suspended
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