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The original Mill Hill U3A Tai Chi Group started over 2.5 years ago, and has a regular 10 Members who are progressing well, absolutely love the class, and have great respect for our Instructor.

Elliot, our Instructor, has been thoroughly vetted and approved by our EC Rules & Regulatory processes, is very highly qualified, and teaches a pure form of Tai Chi to us in Mill Hill, as well as to other local U3A groups. Our Classes are limited to our Mill Hill U3A current Members only.

As the original class has advanced to the stage where a new beginner would not catch up, the original Tuesday Class has now closed to new Members.  A new Beginners Class was started in February 2019 and there is now a waiting list.

Upon application Members receive an explanatory email with full details of cost, venue and other relevant information so that an informed view can be taken as to suitability.

Classes run weekly throughout the year and are closed only on the rare occasions when either our Instructor is unavailable, or the venue closes.

Both Classes are held at a well – known venue in the Mill Hill area, where free parking is available, both at the venue & in the surrounding roads, which also have no parking restrictions.

More Info:
Taijiquan or Tai Chi is a 400 year old internal marshal art.
In the west it is called the moving meditation. With its slow concentrated relaxed movement, correct posture and body alignment, the benefits of better health is one of the results of this ancient art.

Tai Chi was designed with the knowledge of chi flowing through the meridians of our body like acupuncture, so every correct posture practiced increases the chi and blood flow in our bodies.

Some of the other benefits of regular practice are: reduction of stress, anxiety & depression, greater flexibility and agility, improved balance, including a reduction of falls in older adults.

It can help cardiovascular fitness, and improve sleep quality.
It offers an overall feeling of well – being and relaxation.

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Val Levene

Weekly, Tuesdays - Advanced & Wednesdays - Beginners (Members advised on times)
Members advised on venue

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