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A good poem can delight, surprise or even awaken us. It gives insight into our humanity, it can be a consolation in distress, a voice with words of peace and wisdom, or an intimation of beauties, a spring morning or autumn sunset. So many emotions can be felt, so many thoughts and images of life can be conjured in a poem. And humour too, don’t let’s forget that.

It is this simple experience, this joy of the heart, which we share in the Poetry Appreciation group. Just once a month, meeting in a bright house full of books and paintings, we sit in our circle. Each person brings a favourite poem to read, or one they have recently discovered. We listen and talk and laugh. The poems bring up different thoughts, feelings and observations. Each one may be just a passing fancy, or may enrich our lives more deeply.

Some of our members write poems too – so we get treated to original work, actually composed in Mill Hill. It’s another bonus! By now, our circle has become a circle of friends. If you’d like to join us, please do get in touch. Just send an email to Liz or Gary

Group Leader

Liz Kettle & Gary Chamberlin,

Due to Covid19 restrictions this group is not meeting at the moment
Private house in Hillview Road, NW7

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