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Over a period of a few hundred years, only a small number of Western classical composers have made it to the musical “mainstream”. Hundreds of accomplished composers, (“unsung  composers”) whose works rival those of Bach, Chopin, Ravel or Dvorak or took a new direction in music, have fallen through the cracks of time, known only within their home countries or considered mere footnotes in musical history.

By way of illustration, 10 examples of works by 6 “Unsung Composers” are listed below with private URL links to Vimeo where they can be heard.

Members joining this group will periodically receive more music by a series of different private links to Vimeo together with the text or recording of talks on these composers.  Members are also invited to share their comments on and their knowledge of the music and subjects of the talks by emailing the group leader and, with their consent, for distributing to the other members.

Incidentally, the group leader says that as an amateur hobbyist composer he can correctly be called an unsung composer.  He has provided Vimeo links to his compositions below.

Here are the 10 Vimeo links referred to above.

Mieczyslaw Karlowicz – Eternal Songs :

Mieczyslaw Karlowicz – Lithuanian Rhapsody

Alexander von Zemlinsky – Symphony No. 2 mvts 1 & 4 :

Alexander von Zemlinsky – Das gläserne Herz, Ballet

Janis Ivanovs – Symphony No. 1  :

Janis Ivanovs – Pictures from Lataglian Landscapes Parts 1 & 2

Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga – Symphony in D major

Giuseppe Martucci – Symphony No. 1 first movement only

Giuseppe Martucci – Piano Concerto No. 2 first movement only

Frederic Cliffe – Symphony No 1 C minor Op 1

Group Leader’s orchestral compositions as an amateur hobbyist composer.

Orchestral Suite in Three Movements

Novelty Music Medley

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