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This is an aerobic, exercise class. With our teacher, Tracey, we start off with a 10-minute group warm-up of movement to music before completing one or two circuits of exercises. We work in pairs, to give each other encouragement, and spend one-minute on one of the exercises such as calf raisers, wall press ups, lunges, squats, chair dips, hula hoops, skipping etc, often using weights or stretch bands. We have a one-minute recovery time before moving on to the next exercise. We keep going, with lively music to help, for half an hour or so until time for the cool down.

The exercises are designed for us to use all the muscles that we need to keep us fit and healthy. We work at our own level and there’s no pressure to do more than we feel comfortable with. But most important, it’s fun and sociable.

At present the cost is £20 for a set period of 4-weeks, even if some sessions are missed. It will go down if the numbers increase. The fees are to cover the fixed costs of the hall and Tracey and so members will need to make a regular commitment. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Gail Hunt on

Group Leader

Gail Hunt

Weekly on Thursdays, 10am - 11am.
Mill Hill East Church, Salcombe Gardens, NW7 2NT

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