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The Art (watercolours) is suitable for anybody who wants to learn, or to revise various watercolours skills. The sessions in general use the free open spaces around the area, coffee places or pubs. In those cases you must consume items on their premises as we will be using their space. Members are required to have their own seating stools or portable chairs, an easel, a board slightly larger than A3 paper, watercolours, brushes, watercolour papers, a palette (plastic) to prepare the colours, bottle with water for the paints, some kind of protection to face the different types of weather and a great sense of humour to face the challenges around.

To contact the Group Leader or Coordinator please use the contact form on this page. This is particularly important before joining a group for the first time.

Group Meetings
Wednesday morning at Finchley Nurseries, Burtonhole Lane NW7 1AS between 10am and 12pm

The group will restart on May 3, followed by: May 17, May 31 etc

Group Leader/s
Christian Dam-Feldmuth
You can contact Christian on 07989 762686
or by email
or by using the contact form below

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