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June 2018 Newsletters

To all Members that have supported us in the last 2 years by buying tickets… we just want you to know that your support has been much appreciated, and we hope you have enjoyed most, if not all, of the productions we have organised for you.

Just to recap, that since inception in June 2016 we have organised well over 40 shows, sold almost 1,000 tickets for a variety of straight plays and musicals, some of which have been successfully suggested by enthusiastic Members.

We have currently completely sold out our current Summer Season, which is booking until October 2018. If any tickets become available then all Members will receive an e-mail with full details, and are re-sold on a first come, first served basis.

Please be aware that our very small, and extremely hardworking Committee works entirely voluntarily on your behalf. They are therefore currently taking a well-deserved break and whenever a new Season can be organised, all Members will receive an e-mail with full details of all new bookings, together with full booking instructions, as previously.

In the meantime, unless your query is urgent and refers only to current bookings or spare tickets as advertised, we would much appreciate if we are not in receipt of any unnecessary e-mails, as understandably, they may not receive our normal efficient response.

Finally, we do not operate a Group Membership List, or a waiting list for any production, as all current Members are always welcome to join us for any production on offer, but please be aware that due to more stringent compliance issues, we are no longer allowed to accept bookings from non-Mill Hill U3A Members.

We wish all our Members a great summer… we will be in touch!

For and on behalf of

The Mill Hill U3A Theatre Committee

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You can contact the Committee by email only on

With total apologies ~ we do not run an office and therefore cannot accept phone calls, as all the committee members work entirely voluntary whenever they are able. However all emails are always answered.

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