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Our Tai Chi Group has now been in existence very successfully for the past 2 years, and we currently have approximately 10 or so regular Members who are doing really well, and who much appreciate and enjoy this friendly & welcoming class.

Unfortunately, the Group has now progressed to the extent that it is not now possible to join this paricular class, as total Beginners would be floundering considerably.

However we hope to announce a new Beginners Group, as soon as this can be organised. If you wish to join our next Beginners Class please email our Co-Ordinator, Val Levene, who will ensure your name will be put on a waiting list. You will then be automatically advised when the next Group will commence.

With apologies ~ we currently do not have details of either the date, day, or the timing of future classes.

Please be aware that ONLY Members of our Mill Hill U3A are eligible to attend these classes. It is purely a facility for current Members.

We would also much appreciate if you do NOT simply turn up at the current class, as this is inapppropriate, but please email your interest to the Group Co-ordinator, either through the Website, or direct c/o ~ mh.u3a.tg@gmail.com, typing Tai Chi Enquiry in the subject heading.

Taijiquan or Tai Chi is a 400 year old internal marshal art. In the west it is called the moving meditation. With its slow concentrated relaxed movement, correct posture and body alignment, the benefits of better health is one of the results of this ancient art.

Tai chi was designed with the knowledge of chi flowing through the meridians of our body like acupuncture, so every correct posture practiced increases the chi and blood flow in our bodies. Some of the other benefits of regular practice are: reduction of stress, anxiety & depression, greater flexibility and agility, improved balance, including a reduction of falls in older adults. It can help cardiovascular fitness, and improve sleep quality. It offers an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation.

All the practice is done standing, but if you are unable to stand for the hour’s class, without difficulty, then Tai Chi might not be for you. However, our Instructor is accommodating to each person’s capacity, and of course, you may sit briefly during the class, if necessary. Loose clothing and soft trainer type shoes are the only requirements.

Our Instructor has been studying Tai Chi for over 40 years, and has been teaching for many of those years. He is certified to teach under Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, and is a Senior Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

He has also passed all the qualification & insurance requirements that the U3A Head Office insist upon for all non-U3A Member teachers.

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This Class is for Mill Hill U3A Members only ~ By Application ~ please email to register on our waiting list for new Beginners Class.

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Valerie Levene
You can contact Val by using the contact form below

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